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Tourism in Nepal

Exact data and history of tourist incoming to Nepal is still unknown, it can be assumed that first tourist started coming to Nepal after the road system was built in 1950’s that connect some of Nepal’s cities with Indian border in the south.

In mid 1950’s small groups of wealthy individuals, sponsored students travel east from England by Land Rover or Bedford Dor mobile to climb mountains or carryout scientific studies and survey.

During 70’s Nepal became safe tourism destination for those groups due to its perfect climate, peaceful place and unique cultures. Many reasons had attracted these groups for travelling like spiritual enlightment escape from wars in the west and rigid lifestyle.

Some for business or still just wanted to explore and see the world. They were simply great adventure lovers and were known as Hippie of 70’s. These group of people were known as Hippies of Freak. In some way or the other they have great contribution of introducing Nepal as one of the best travel destination as they defined Nepal as Never Ending Peace In Nepal.

Nepal has always attracted and become best tourist destination in the world mainly due to their excellent hospitality, friendly people, unique cultures and owe –inspiring Himalayas and mountain.

Nepal earned its first major Global exposure when renowned explorer from New Zealand Edmund Hillary and the Nepali  Tenzing Norgay conquered the highest mountain in the world(Mount Everest Height 8848m) at 11.30 am on may 29, 1953. Ever since then Nepal has been attracting the attention of the climbers all around the world as it posses 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world.

Apart from the majestic’s and mystics of mountains, the pagoda style architectures  scattered all over the independent Kathmandu Valley. The Nepalese people are proud ,both as Buddhist or as Hindus because of their country was the birth place of Gautam Buddha(at Lumbini as buddhist pilgrims) and Sita, heroine of the epic Hindu Ramayan also believed as the re incarnation of goddess Laxmi/Goddess of wealth(at Janakpur).Pashupatinath biggest hindu pilgrim at Kathmandu.Swoyambhu and Boudhanath(Buddhist pilgrims at Kathmandu).

There are about 2000 temples and shrines only in Kathmandu. Once thought to be the fabled and inaccessible Shangri-la, Kathmandu is now hub for independent travelers as well as growing vacation spot catering to all budgets. Besides the capital city, it contains the ancient towns of Bhadgaon(Bhaktapur) and Patan, monuments and scenic spots.

A major sister city of Kathmandu, such as Pokhara and Chitwan are also historically attached with tourism of Nepal  from beginning period of time, its history is attached with the first national park, was established as the fame with” heart of the Jungle” in other side scenic mountain range of Pokhara will make you to deserve the beauties of Nepal.

Nepal offers major tourist activities include wilderness and adventure activities such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, rock climbing, mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, bird watching, Zip-Flyer, paragliding, mountain flights and ultra light flight over the mountains of Himalaya, exploring the waterways by raft, kayak or canoe and jungle safaris especially in the Terai region.

The trend of tourists visiting Nepal seems satisfactory; however, a rightful appropriation of potential resources to change the existing situation of the tourism industry shall be expedient. Tourism industry has emerged as a sector that contributes a lot to the country by creating jobs and by reaching development to remote and far off areas that has turned out a corner stone in alleviating poverty. Thus, to promote tourism sector and its contribution to socio-economic sector of the country, we need to utilize available resources properly and beneficially. For this, there is a need of dynamic and tourism friendly policy and joint effort of the government and the private sector as well.


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