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Not a week passes without celebration of some festival in all or part of Nepal,Whether Hindu or Buddhist.Each year most occasions are celebrated on different dates,though birthday celebrations and those commemorating modern political events remain fixed.In addition to the public holidays mentioned ,some other religious festivals are also taken on public holidays.


Shivaratri is celebrated in honour of Lord Shiva,a Hindu God,and there is a great fair with religious observance at the Pashupatinath Temple(Biggest Lord Shiva Temple)

Mid -April :

Navabarsa(Nepalese New Year):

Nava -New



Baisakh Purnima(triple anniversary of Buddha)


Rato Machhendra Nath Rath Jatra is celebrated in town of Patan,with the highlight of the month-long observance being the parading of a great decorated chariot.


Durga puja (Dashain) lasts 15 days and is one of the great festivals of the year.Houses are decorated and people wear their best cloth to worship at the temples.There are animal sacrifices in many part of Nepal and processions.A fortnight later the festivals of light is celebrated for 3 days by both Hindu and Buddhists.

Main festivals

The Machchhindra Jatr ,Bajra Jogini Jatr, Siti Jatra,Gathia Mangal or Ghanta Karn,Panjaran,Janai Purnima,Nag Panchami,Janmashtami,Gai Jatra,Bagh Jatra,Indra Jatra,Dashain,Mohani,Deepawali,Khicha Puja or Gai Puja/Sa Paru,Bhai Tika,Bala Chaturdasi or Satbyu,Kartik Purnima,Ganesh Chauth,Maghe Sankranti,Basant or Sripanchami,Holi etc


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